An American favorite is on the menu today (March 14th) and I for one am very thankful for this little addition to the snack train. It's National Potato Chip Day,

Flash back to 1853. As story goes, an unhappy restaurant customer was unhappy with their fries. They kept sending them back saying they were soggy and too think. The chef kept slicing them down until they were super thin, added extra salt for flavoring and BINGO...the potato chip was born.

These days you can find bags of chips in nearly every house and especially on game days. The U.S. population, including me, love these little wonder potatoes.

With a dip, cheese on top or plain, they add a little happiness when things seem to be a little unhappy or when your team is on fire!

My suggestion is to grab you favorite bag on your way home tonight, flip on a good movie and munch away.

Don't worry about putting on the pounds for this one day. It's National Potato Chip Day and we can all go back to our diets tomorrow.