Christmas is so close you can almost taste it! Well, now you CAN taste it! There's no better time to satisfy that sweet tooth than the Christmas season. Here are eight great Billings businesses that provide some of the tastiest treats you'll find this holiday season.

  • Paula's Edibles

    Paula's is the go-to sweet shop for delicious holiday treats. Whether you're grabbing gifts for the family or just want to pick up a little something for yourself, you'll find lots of original, creative treats at their Downtown store.

  • Candytown USA

    Imagine the look on the kids' faces when they see their stocking has been stuffed with all of their favorite candies! Their Halloween stash has probably run out by now, and Candytown USA is where to can fill it right back up again. You'll find the newest candies on the market at Candytown USA, as well as the old favorites you enjoyed as a child.

  • See's Candies

    While you're running around the mall looking for that last minute gift, it wouldn't hurt to drop by See's Candies and grab some sweets for the finishing touches on the perfect Christmas present. Check out the variety of chocolates See's offers for a classy way to satisfy anyone's chocolate craving.

  • Ah-Fudge

    We can't think of a better present for the family than homemade fudge. Whether it's chocolate mint, cookies & cream or just classic fudge, we can't get enough of it. Order online and have it delivered straight to their house on Christmas Eve for a delicious holiday surprise!

  • Jayne's Signature Sweets

    Impress your friends and family at your holiday get-together with a cupcake tower from Jayne's. You'll find cookies, cheesecakes, and everything in between when you drop by. Your sweet surprise will be the talk of the holidays!

  • Log Cabin Bakery

    This one is a given, everyone knows about the homemade goods you can get your hands on at the Log Cabin. There's a reason that place is always packed! The smell of hot cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning will provide the perfect touch to your holiday.

  • Sugar and Spice

    Sugar and Spice is all about the homemade, made-from-scratch goodies, just like Grandma used to make. They still crack fresh eggs, sift flour and use the freshest ingredients with no chemical substitutes, and each order is baked from scratch every time. Drop by for a taste of home this holiday season.

  • Carmel Cookie Waffles

    Here's one you might not have considered for Christmas. Grab yourself some traditional stroopwafels, baked fresh daily in an eclectic Dutch café. A stroopwafels is created by pressing vanilla and cinnamon cookie dough between flame heated waffle irons, splitting the dough, and filling it with fresh homemade caramel. Carmel Cookie Waffles will even mail them out directly to you! Enjoy this traditional Dutch treat and try something new this Christmas.