Congrats to Clint Burdette, the latest Cat Country listener to win tickets for the sold out Tim McGraw concert at Metra Park on the 29th.

Clint signed up yesterday online at and he deliberately didn't tell his wife, because he didn't want to get her hopes up.  She's gonna be in for a nice surprise.

Keep in mind, we'll be doing the McGraw Monday contest every week leading up to the show and we've got 3 weeks left.  There's a couple ways you can win next week:  sign up on the website or stop by the Stadium Club on Main Street in the Heights and enter to win in person.

And make sure to wake up with Mark and Paul on Thursday for another thrilling episode of the Breakfast Flakes Scavenger Hunt.  They'll be hiding another pair of Tim McGraw tickets somewhere in or around Billings.  Listen for the clues and happy hunting.