It's a little chilly this morning, which reminded the Breakfast Flakes about the dangers of driving in winter weather.

Several years ago, Mark was driving outside of Stanford when he saw two cars that had just collided head on.  Mark and several other good samaritans got out to see if everyone was ok.  One of the people who stopped to help had locked himself out of his car and was standing in the cold with no coat on.  When the police arrived, the man asked if they could help unlock his car.  Of course, the officer told him he would have to wait until the accident was cleared and the victims were taken care of.  Moral to the story:  if you see someone stranded on the side of the road, don't forget to grab you coat and your keys before you get out to help.

Paul once had a rancher friend who got locked out of his truck by his dog.  This guy would take his dog with him while he fed his cows.  Usually, the man would leave the truck in first gear while he jumped in the back to throw hay to the cattle.  Until one day when the truck started slowly heading down a hill toward a ravine.  As the man tried to jump back in the truck, the dog got excited and accidentally locked the doors.  The poor guy had to break the windows of his brand new truck in order to keep from running it into the creek.  Moral to that story:  if you're dog is riding shotgun, take the keys with you when you get out.  You never know when the dog is going to lock you out.

If you're driving in the cold weather today, be careful...and hold on to your keys.