If you've been watching the news, you've heard about the widespread flooding all over the state.  Our own Paul Mushaben is one of the many victims.  Crooked Creek runs right through Paul's ranch and it's normally dry this time of the year.  But this isn't a normal year.

After it took out the bridge on 12 Mile Rd, the flood rolled right through Paul's property.  His fences are gone and his road are washed away.  And to make matters worse, all of Paul's heavy equipment is on the other side of the road.  Even if he were to bring in truckloads of new fencing, he couldn't get to the flooded areas.

Mark joked that, at the very least, Mother Nature always has a new surprise in story for Paul and the his fellow ranchers.  If it's not a flood, or snow, hail or fire...it's always something.  Sadly, Mark's flood jokes kept coming.  The lamest groaner of the day was his detergent joke.  What's a flooded rancher's favorite detergent?  Tide.  (rim shot)

Oh well, just another 3 month long, $50,000 project for Paul.  It could have been worse, the  flood could have shut down Zoo Montana.