This morning, Paul read a story about the 1.3 million Americans who soon will see their long term unemployment benefits cut.  According to the article, many of those people will no longer be looking for work now that the government won't pay them to do it.

The story profiled a 67 year old electrician from Baltimore who has been collecting $1300 a month in benefits for the past year and a half.  He claims the only jobs available to him are low paying positions.  "I can take a job at McDonald's or something and give up everything I've studied and everything I've worked for and all the experience that I have," said the man.

Well boo hoo.  You're 67 years old and you've been collecting unemployment for a year and a half.  What did you do the first 66 years of your life?  By the time a person is 66, they should have a plan.  After nearly 50 years in the workforce, you have no excuse for not saving.

Paul believes this one of our country's biggest problems.  We all encounter hard times.  But most of us pull ourselves up by the boot straps and find a way to make it.  We might lean on friends and family from time to time, but we shouldn't rely on the government (and ultimately the tax payers) to pay our way.