If you're a fan of live poker tournaments like I am then you owe a debt of gratitude to Rep. Pat Noonan, D-Ramsay, who introduced House Bill 141 on behalf of the Gaming Advisory Council on January 15th. That bill was recently passed. Part of the bill, aimed at increasing pot-limits in cash poker games, allows small-stakes live poker tournaments to be played daily.

Up until now tournament poker players had to scour the internet and make several phone calls (yes, I've done it) to find a rare legal tournament as up until now, casinos with poker tables have been limited to one poker tournament per month. Not all casinos even have monthly tournaments which have made finding one even more difficult.

In other states casinos use poker tournaments as a loss leader to draw patrons into their establishments hopeful they play live cash games which are far more lucrative for their owners as well as entice them to play slots (the real cash cow). If you're a tournament player like me you have much to celebrate but you'll have to wait until October when the new law takes effect.