Today, Mark and Paul got an e-mail from a guy who wants to help deliver meals on Saturday.  He asked what time they'll be done so he can meet up with his buddies and watch the Cats-Griz game.

Here's the deal:  Delivery drivers are asked to meet up around 10:15 on Saturday to we can organize all the routes.  All of the deliveries are sent out early.  We start handing out meals at noon, most of the meals are usually passed out by 12:45 or so.  However, if you're more concerned about the game, which starts just after noon, that's ok.

We won't judge you for choosing a football game over helping those in need.  If you'd rather watch the first quarter than feed hungry people, we won't think any less of you.  If you don't want to earn points with God for doing charitable work, we understand.  Maybe going to heaven just isn't your thing.  And, of course, we would never guilt you into volunteering, that's not our style.