And, now, a public service message from Mark and Paul. Sometimes it's ok to float down the Yellowstone River on a Log.  It's risky, but sometimes you can get away with floating down the river when it's flooding.  And there's no law that says an adult can't enjoy a few cold ones on a nice summer day.  But it's never a good idea to float down the Yellowstone on a log, when it's flooding and you're completely hammered.

Some knucklehead learned that lesson the hard way yesterday.  The man was drinking near the fishing access on Blue Creek Road.  Then he saw a log in the river.  And, of course, he just had to float down the river on that log.  Sadly, he didn't make it to the log.  When he jumped in, he got caught in the raging waters and had to be rescued.

Of course, his drinking buddy just stood there and watched.  What do you want to bet he was trying to record it on his phone?  We hope he posts the video online with the hashtag "dumbass".