The hottest weekend in June is coming up! The legendary Montana Band with Rob Quist kicks off it’s reunion tour at the Wild West Soiree at the Alberta Bair Theatre on Friday June 15.

If you arrived in Montana sometime in the last 20 years, you may not know about The Montana Band. But if you lived in the Big Sky State during the 1980s – and if you’re a fan of great live music – there’s no way you’ll ever forget them.
Led by Mission Mountain Wood Band members Terry Robinson, Rob Quist and Kurt Bergeron, the Montana Band was arguably the best musical act ever to come out of the state ... and that according to none other than Willie Nelson!
Just months after winning Willie’s nationwide country music “showdown” – and just as the band appeared poised to make its mark on country music – tragedy struck. After playing a Fourth of July gig for friends on Flathead Lake, several members of the band packed-up to fly to a second July 4 engagement, scheduled for that night in north Idaho. They never made it. After “buzzing” the private party they’d just left on Flathead Lake, the band’s plane crashed into a hillside orchard overlooking the lake, and everyone on-board was killed. That was 24 years ago.
Original Montana Band members, who were not on that ill-fated flight, Rob Quist, Mark Wittman, and Jerry Zalnoski joined by other close friends, will bring the glory of the Montana Band to the Alberta Bair Theater on Friday!