This morning, the Flakes hid another pair of Tim McGraw tickets somewhere in Billings.  It took a while, but Dustin Davidson found 'em first, so he'll be headed to the big concert at Metra Park next month.

The hunt was almost over before it started.  Mark thought he may have been spotted when he was hiding the tickets last night.  Luckily, that was a false alarm.  Let's see if you know where he stashed them this week.

Clue 1:  For breakfast, lunch or dinner, give this place a whirl.  Especially if you're taking a southern girl.

We had a few folks who were really warm.  Eventually, Mark's 2nd clue gave it away.

Wanna join us for lunch with Carol and Darrell, let's meet over at that place...the Cracker something or other.

Dustin happened to be in the right place at the right time.  As he drove past the Cracker Barrel just off the Frontage Road on the west end, he looked over and saw the tickets.

If you couldn't find them this week, don't worry.  The Flakes will be playing hide and seek every Thursday morning leading up to the concert next month.