I don't know if you have a PlayStation at home like I do, but you'll want to know the extent of a problem at Sony.  You may have already heard there was a security breach that may have involved names and e-mails.  Today Sony confirmed its much much bigger.  The web blog "Geek Dad" uncovered the PlayStation additional information for us.

Apparently the breach involves credit card numbers, passwords, expiration dates, and security questions along with the answers to those questions.  In short, your identity if you were on the PlayStation Network service, is at high risk.

Sony presented some ideas on what you should do now.  In reading the Sony response, they have taken NO RESPONSIBILITY for their actions that led to your information being stolen.  Instead, the multi-national company gives you a list of resources you can use to see if anyone has tried to access your accounts or start a new credit card account as you.

This on top of the recent revelation that Apple iPhones track your every move and sites like Foursquare which use your GPS in your phone to track you essentially eliminating your privacy without asking.

More and more companies with your information means more opportunities for you to have your identity swiped.  Think of all the information "free" services like Google or Facebook have about you and your activities.  You might want to consider a service like Lifelock that attempts to halt unauthorized intrusions into your accounts.