We've all heard the saying, "It's time for some spring cleaning." What about fall cleaning? Do you do it?

I think at my house, it's a never ending-cleaning process. With five kids always making messes, it never ends. Over the weekend, the cooler weather made for having open windows really nice. Fresh air in the house is always good. Kind of felt like fall and we love that.

This is always a time to start getting the summer clothes put away and getting the warmer stuff out. This signals something very important to my kids and me. Fall cooking. From the pies to the pumpkin bread to the caramel apples, I'm destined to gain a lot of weight this year. Fall baking is something special in my house. My wife knows how to do it up good and our bellies appreciate it so much. We look forward to this all year long.

Not to mention family gettogethers. It just seems to me everything and everyone comes together at this time of year. I honestly couldn't be more excited.

You see, for us it's not just about cleaning. It's about a season and it's coming very quick.

What does fall mean to you?