For many years, the Breakfast Flakes have been shared the local school lunch menus with their listeners.  Today, Paul took issue with the new Federal School Lunch Guidelines.  As we all know, when Paul gets on a rant, he doesn't mince words.

Simply put, the new regulations that limit lunches to 600 calories are "stupid".  Paul's son John is a perfect example.  He's an active teenager who is growing like a weed.  In between his chores at home and basketball practice, he needs a 3,000 calorie diet.  He'll burn more than 600 calories in basketball practice alone.

Sadly, the new guidelines are nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to the childhood obesity epidemic.  The answer to obesity is more physical activity and exercise, not fewer calories.  There is a difference between calories and nutrition.  And a 600 calorie lunch is not nutritious for active teenagers.

Of course, the Feds are now holding schools hostage with their one size fits all policy.  Schools that don't comply will run the risk of losing their funding.