I just read an article in the Gazette that made me kind of giggle... research has been done by a Yellowstone National Park Bear Specialist  to see if women are more at risk in bear country while they are having their pierod.  Turns out, it may be just as safe as anything else we do in bear country.  Shocking.  I've always felt this was kind of silly, and funny sometimes, like in the movie, Anchorman.

This rumor all started in 1967 when 2 women, who were menstruating, but not camping together, were attacked by a bear on the same night.  Was that the Night of the Grizzy story?  That really scared me when I was little.  My mom got it for me to read at Lake McDonald!  I know, right?  Thanks mom!  Anyway, I digress.  As a life-long Montanan, I can tell you my luck camping and hiking has been the same, menstrual cycle or no.

The bottom line is, we are usually more dangerous to the animals than they are to us.  No, don't walk up to a bear, elk or bison.  Common sense dictates they may freak out... right Californians?  (Just kidding, that's an Oregon joke.)  Anything that is bloody or garbage should be disposed of properly in the wilderness.  Always carry bear spray.  This is a good plan no matter what time of the month it is!

I'm also going to let you in on a little secret... we all knew we were safe.  It was just a great excuse to fish or lay by the lake for the day instead of actually excercising.  This study was completely unnecessary, and now, we have to find another excuse to drink and fish without our fellas....