If you’re heading West, be aware of the fires. Kind of hard not to.Yesterday the fire managers at the Lolo Creek Complex focused on the northern edge of the fire. Right now the fire is heading dangerously toward a Bonneville Power Administration power line. The 16 square mile fire is about a half mile from a 500-kilovolt power line. Thomas Kempton, spokesperson, says contingency plans are being made should fire reach the power line.

About 800 brave personnel and seven helicopters are assigned to the lightning-caused blaze that destroyed five homes last week, and to add insult to injury, firefighters have had problems with wasp stings! No word on how many firefighters have been stung, but about six who had allergic reactions have received medical attention.

Kempton says U.S. Highway 12 is open with a reduced speed limit to keep firefighters in the area safe, so if you are in the area, use caution and don’t do anything that will make it harder for the fire fighters! Which includes stopping to take pictures…look for a postcard at the souvenir shop.