You just have to love baseball! You've just got to!  T  Last night my son played his first "Official" game of the season on Team Fuddruckers.  It was awesome!

Team Fuddruckers played Team Yellowstone Electric Co. at Bitteroot Field in Billings Heights.  Ironically, our good friends son, plays on this team and so it was tons of fun.  It was also very, very cold and windy as well!  Most of us in the bleachers had multiple levels of clothes on, coats and of course, blankets.  Brrrrr!

Tara Nicole

Team Yellowstone Electric scored the first run in the 2nd inning and by (ironically again) by our friends son on the opposing team.  Team Fuddruckers scored in the 3rd and then we were on fire!  The final score was 17-2!

Other than the cold and wind, it was a great game!  Both teams did a great job as well.  It didn't matter what team they were on, they were there to have fun and to play some ball!

Tara Nicole

I've got to give a lot of credit to the parents as well.  It has always bothered me to sit at a game where people are being poor sports.  This wasn't the case tonight.  All the parents were absolutely wonderful.  They cheered for the boys, on either team.  Heck, we know kids on both sides and it was just great to see them out there playing.  Maybe it's just because I'm "Mom", but I thought the camaraderie was just wonderful.  Oh no, I might just be tearing up a bit!

Which means that its time to go!  Have you ever been to a game where people did not have good sportsmanship?  What happened and how did you feel?  Comment below and let me know!