We were talking about the annual Flakes trip this morning. The weather, the water and the free cocktails are awaiting 60 of us right now. Plus two more Cat Country listeners. On Mark’s new I-Phone thingy, he has the weather app and it happens to show the current weather for Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. This morning the weather was 77 with a high of 88 today, tomorrow, Thursday and dipping down to 86 on Friday.

That’s the air temperature. The water temperature isn’t far behind. In fact when we are down there the average water temp is in the low to mid 80s. That’s about, oh 35 degrees warmer than most of the bodies of water around here.

Hey and one more thing about our trip. When you come out to one of our parties and are signing up to win, make sure both you and your partner sign up to win the trip….double your chances for the trip folks.