If you've listened to the Flakes for a long time, you may know that Paul hates to fly.  In his opinion, the only good thing about commercial air travel is the time you save.  Other than that, it's torture for him.  And now Paul has another reason to despise planes.

Yesterday, a United flight headed for Denver was diverted to Chicago because two passengers got into a fight over a reclining seat.  Evidently, the man in the row behind a woman used a device called a "knee defender", which prevented the woman from reclining in her seat.  And she wasn't happy.  She ended up throwing a cup of water in the guy's face.

This story begs an interesting question, who owns the space in front of you when you fly?  As a tall man whose knees are always in the way when he flies, Paul thinks each passenger should have the right to prevent the person in front of them from reclining their seat.  In fact, he once got into an argument with a woman because his legs were too long and she couldn't put her seat bad.  Which he explained was her problem, not his.  And she thinks she's uncomfortable, she should try being 6'4" tall and sitting in coach.

For Mark, it doesn't matter.  Whether he can recline his seat or not, he'll probably be snoring loudly a few minutes after the plane takes off.  What do you think?  Should the person in the seat be able to prevent the passenger in front of them from reclining in their seat?  Feel free to drop us a line and share your two cents, flakes103@yahoo.com.