I live for the fall. The trees turning amber and red, cooler temperatures but most of all FOOTBALL! The Thursday night kickoff to the 2013 NFL season had everything a true football fan could want... bad weather, fireworks and Ryan Seacrest? NBC was obviously getting him front and center to promote their new Seacrest hosted game show "The Million Second Quiz". Great, but couldn't they have spared us football fans and pawned him off on Jimmy Fallon?

Look, I get the musical performances, the celebrity appearances and that the NFL turns their annual kick off game into a mini-version of Super Bowl week. They are masters at marketing and no one gets more geeked up about it than I do. But Ryan Seacrest? Unless he was going to do a George Plimpton and lace up some cleats so Terrell Suggs could plant him into the ground Seacrest isn't selling anything I want to buy... except maybe some skin conditioning products from HSN. During the kickoff to the season ceremonies however, the only manscaping I want to see is when Elvis Dumervil turns a pretty boy quarterback into something that Picasso would have painted. One could only imagine what they have planned for next year... Richard Simmons parachuting from the sky on a unicorn perhaps?