Once or twice per week I stop by the gift shop on the first floor of the Crowne Plaza in downtown Billings because our studios are located here on the 23rd floor. I usually go for one reason... they carry Wilcoxson's fudge bars. The biggest, tastiest fudge bars I have ever tasted. While Popsicle brand Fudgsicles seem to have become smaller over time the Wilcoxson's version has stayed the same size.

Over time I've gotten to know the shopkeeper and she tells me the last time Garth Brooks was here he shopped there for Wilcoxson's Ice Cream because he had become addicted when he was here on a previous tour and let her in on a little secret. He loves the frozen treats so much that he has Wilcoxson's ship the ice cream on dry ice directly to his home in Oklahoma.

So the next time Garth comes to the Magic City and you're hoping to meet him my advice is to stake out the Crowne Plaza gift shop and look for a man in a cowboy hat digging into the freezer.