If you live in the Billings City Limits, the code enforcers will be out looking for people to fine $110 for not shoveling their sidewalks.  Mark and Paul are still ticked off about the 73 year old Marine Corps veteran who recently received a citation.  After two heart attacks, it's struggle to get his snow blower out of the garage.

Interestingly enough, if you drive by most city offices, you will notice that their sidewalks are not shoveled.  How can we expect the city to clear the ice and snow from in front of their own buildings when they are busier working on more important things, like fining the elderly for not taking care of their own property?

So get off your lazy butts and get to work.  Or else, we'll have to sick the code enforcement officers on you.  Luckily, the man who received the citation now has a long list of neighbors who will happily shovel his sidewalk in the future.