When I moved to Montana I got a company cell phone and a new cell phone number. As you're probably aware cell phone numbers (because there are only so many phone numbers available in the world) get recycled. Unfortunately there are many people who still have the old number for various reasons. Of course their friends and family probably have whatever their new number is but a host of others (usually business contacts, creditors, marketers etc.) still have the old number.

If you're lucky the person who had your old phone number was a responsible citizen who had good credit and stayed out of trouble. Unfortunately in my case the former owner of this phone number, Jacob A (I won't say the entire last name to avoid a lawsuit) had terrible credit and has a long list of people who would like to talk to him about his indiscretions... and they call my cell phone at least 2-3 times per week to talk to him. Each time I explain that he hasn't had this number for well over a year and a half and the bill collector says they'll cross this number off of their list. Either they're lying or Jacob owes about 150 different creditors. I'm going to guess my number really doesn't get crossed off their lists. Maybe they think I'm really him and full of B.S.

If only I knew Jacob's current cell phone number I would find an criminal with a rap sheet, warrant for their arrest and who was in debt up to their eyeballs and make sure their number was forwarded to Jacob's cell. Lol.