Next week, the Flakes are gonna kick off a contest for all of our loyal Cat Country listeners from small towns in Montana.  It's your chance to see Chris Young live at the MontanaFair on Friday August 8th.  In honor of Chris Young's biggest song, we're calling this contest "Getting You Home".

Here's how it works:  Every morning the Flakes will call out a different small town.  It could be Hardin, or Miles City, or Roundup, or Bridger, or Red Lodge, or Big Timber.  When the Flakes call it out, the first caller from that town will win tickets to the show and we'll qualify you for the grand prize, which includes free dinner at the Rex and a $50 gas card.

If you can't get through on the phone lines, you'll also be able to sign up online.  So listen up Monday and the Flakes could be "getting you home".