Sunny Sweeney is a new Texas singer that we first heard with her single, 'From A Table Away'. She's back with a new video and song called 'Staying's Worse Than Leaving'

Cat Country was able to grab a look at what happens behind the camera while a video is being shot. This is the kind of footage you get a lot later in a performers career. Take a look at 'Staying's Worse Than Leaving'.

In the bio on her web site, Sunny Sweeney tells her story of being from East Texas, owning more than 100 pairs of boots, and loving Johnny Cash. She also collects pigs. Yep, pigs. Here are a few excerpts from her bio.

When I get around my friends from home or family, my accent gets thicker and you will most likely need a translator. I miss my grandma (Dotty) and my grandpa (Poppy). I love my parents. I have three sisters and a brother. I collect pigs. I have over 2000 pig things.