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It’s always fun to have guests in the studio and this morning on our 10 to 9 thing, we had Carol from Chase Hawks. She stopped by to talk about a couple things coming up including the big pasture golf tournament set for this Saturday. This year it will be at Alkili Creek at the Billings Saddle club. It’s a 3 person/3 club scramble.

The first teams will go out at 9:30 and then other teams head out at 1:30.  You may be saying there is no golf course out there and we were thinking the same thing….there isn’t!

Carol says told us the committee built the course – with fun in mind. A couple of the holes will really test your golf and sensory skills. There is a turd hole, where you get to tee off on some road apples, there’s beer can alley, a thread the needle shot and just lots of fun.

Oh and at the end of it all is a delicious Texas BBQ! All for a good cause too. Get more info and get your team ready to play for Chase Hawks.