You've seen signs all over Billings.  You know, the public ones outdoors on buildings or against the street.  Becker Glass has a great fun sign they update in front of their store on my way home every night.  I look forward to seeing the sign just so I have something to laugh or think about on the way home.

I've found signs like this:

And this:

Then there are signs that make you scratch your head. And this is ALL in Billings. Nothing makes me much crazier than misspelled words.  So imagine my state of mind when I saw this:

Now I misspell words every now and then, but spell check usually bails me out.  It doesn't do much for my grammar, but it makes me look a little smarter.

Apparently, someone noticed the misspelling and a couple of days later the sign changed to this.

Almost. maybe this sign from a couple of months ago tells the story the best.

Seen any other unusual signs in town? Tell all in the comments.