Ironic that on “joke day”  the government decides it’s time to shut things down.

Coincidence? Maybe…but when you look into the reality of the shutdown – it’s a joke. As the Farmer pointed out this morning, today is the first day of Obama Care. There are thousands of new workers coming into the system, but the government is shutting down. We have no money to pay them, but we’re doing it any way.

It’s all a big political game. And it makes us sick.

Now there will be no shutdown of essential programs like social security, medicare or food stamps. Those programs will continue. But some parts of the defense system will be on hold.

When will our government take a cue from some of the biggest companies in the U.S.? Every once in a while these businesses go through what they call a reorganization and trim the fat. And they come out okay on the other side.

It’s amazing  to us how these elected officials forget that they are representing us in their jobs.