Now before I get everyone excited that we might see some repeat of last year when University of Montana cornerback Trumaine Johnson was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the 4th round I should come clean... while Dan Moore is top rated prospect from a Montana college he isn't likely to be drafted. According to Moore is the 614th rated prospect nationally and the 15th highest rated fullback... a position not in vogue in today's NFL very often.

That said, he is very likely to be picked up as an undrafted free agent by a team looking for a bruising blocker with versatility. In the NFL nowadays most teams add extra tight ends who can also block for their star tailbacks out of the backfield. This writer believes however that when the team lucky enough to sign him will find a place on their opening day roster for a 5'10" 240 lb. back who can run a 4.6 40 yard dash and is equally adept at running the ball from the Griz spread offense, catching the ball out of the backfield or opening up holes by knocking a linebacker back on their ass. So far the most interest has come from the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts who flew him in for a visit. NFL teams can bring in a total of 30 college players for pre-draft visits so that is saying something.

While you may or may not hear Dan Moore's name called during the NFL draft we're sure you'll see him playing on Sunday's this fall. Being 5'10" and playing at a small school may be impediments to Moore's draft status but it won't be an impediment to his sure to be successful pro football career.