Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit but the coolest thing happened to me last night... when I came home there was a half empty 12-pack of Coke Zero sitting in front of the door to my apartment building with a note above it (it's in the above pic but the flash obscured the writing) that said "Take One, Happy Halloween". How cool of someone to do that. They were clearly inebriated but I was one of their grateful recipients and it was the only treat I received this Halloween. I didn't even have to wear a ridiculous get up!

Now I should clarify something... while I say I didn't receive any treats on Halloween I have been stuffing myself with the miniature packs of Reese's Pieces, M&M's and Starburst Fruit Chews that people bought yesterday thinking kids would show up to the Crowne Plaza. Want to stay thin? Then my advice is to never work in an office. It is the sugar buzzers' dream.