If you are among the estimated 10% of Americans who are left handed, congratulations.  Today is National Left Handers Day.

Photo by Cristina Arias/Cover/Getty Images

Being a southpaw comes with both advantages and drawbacks.  For example, lefties constantly have ink on their hands because they write differently.  It's also difficult to use scissors and the number keypad on your computer.  Then there's handshakes.  If you're left handed, do you always shake right handed?  Probably.

Despite the hardships of being left handed in a right handed world, southpaws stand a greater statistical chance of becoming a genius.  There have also been studies that show left handed people make more money and are more creative than their right handed counterparts.  Plus, left handers learn to drive faster than the rest of us, they have a greater ability to multi-task and they have better memories.  Not to mention, they have a natural advantage in many sports (except for Polo, where lefties aren't allowed to play).

Sure, you have ink on your hand and you can barely tie your shoes.  But at least you're smarter than the rest of us and you make more money.  We should all be so lucky.