My wife is currently trying to play matchmaker and so far things seem to be working out.

We have a friend coming into Billings this Friday to stay through the Easter weekend and we are very excited to see her. She is a great girl.

This is especially exciting because she has decided that she wants to meet one of my guy friends while she is in town. He, too, is a down to earth good guy.

Although my wife and I know them both, they have never met face to face. They have seen pictures of each other and both seem to be very interested in meeting the other.

Good so far right?

Like I said, the big meet and greet is this weekend and from there it's all in their hands where they want to go with it.

Me? I try to stay out of those things because I am not so good at matching anyone up and I don't want to deal with a failure. My wife on the other hand seems to be pretty good at it so I just stay out of the way.

She has some fun events planned for all of us this weekend to break the ice so I guess we'll see how it goes.

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