Kind of like the post we published on Moving to Canada, when election results don't turn out like some people want, they will say, "I'm moving to another country."  For me, that would be Jamaica.

Jeff Easterling

First off, nothing to do with elections, I like Jamaica. A tropical paradise with friendly people, and a laid-back vibe, Jamaica has lots of white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and a simpler way of life.

But in doing research, I have found that permanent residency in Jamaica, can be hard to come by for many reasons... if you have thought about it follow this link to "So You Want To Live In Jamaica", for a couple of different methods of making an island life a reality.

(For me, I will always choose the beach over the mountains, as a matter of fact... if you see me hiking down a mountain, it's because I am walking away from the plane crash.)