Hot on the heels of their victory at the prestigious Burger Bash in Florida last month, the Burger Dive is now launching an e-mail campaign to bring the popular television show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" to Billings.

Today, the Burger Dive posted this status on their Facebook Page.  "Since Burger Bash, I've had a lot of people ask me "When are you guys going to be on Diners Drive Ins and Dives?" If you want to help us get there here is the email to suggest us to them. Thanks for your help!"

The downtown Billings restaurant made national news last month, defeating hundreds of other gourmet burger restaurants from all over the country to win the "Best of the Bash" award at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival.  Their Blackened Sabbath Burger drew rave reviews from several celebrity chefs, including Rachel Ray and Robert Irvine.  Hopefully, we can add Guy Fieri to the list of Burger Dive disciples soon.