I moved to Billings back in November to work for Cat Country and my wife and daughter are staying in Calfornia until my daughter finishes 6th grade this June. So in the meantime my father-in-law has been taking my daughter to school each morning. This morning either he or my kid (no one is copping to it) left the refrigerator door open.

The rotten food inventory from my wife is as follows: Cheese sticks, feta cheese, a full package of deli turkey for sandwiches, organic milk, almond milk, 14 eggs and a 15 ounce jar of mayonnaise. Retail value = $30. Luckily my wife had not gone shopping for the week so it could have been much worse. What is left is a crap load of condiments, water, beer, cheap wine and vegetables. Now it looks like the inside of a bachelors fridge... minus the vegetables!