For today's Weird Wednesday Phone Poll, the Flakes wanted to know how you met your significant other.   Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

We heard from one guy who met his wife at a poker game.  His buddies came over to play cards and he ended up playing footsies with her under the table.  Years later, they're still playing footsies.

A lady called in to thank chicken for helping her find true love.  She was working at a deli and had to deliver chicken to someone's house.  When she rang the door, her future husband answered and the rest is history.

Another guy called in to tell us that he met his wife "burning the point" back in 1963.  She was driving her dad's 1963 Plymouth Belvedere.  Luckily, he was able to catch up to her and 50 years later, they're still going strong.

Then there was the gal who's husband picked her out of his friend's high school yearbook. He and his buddy were looking at an old annual and when they spotted her picture, the man remarked, "I want to meet her".  Thanks to a chance encounter at the old Falcon's Nest, they finally did meet and it was love at first sight.

Thanks for all of the great phone calls.  If you and your better half have a good story, we'd love to hear it.  Send it to us,