Last night I went to a popular Chinese fast food chain to pick up dinner and went home. Once I got in my apartment I realized I had left my drink in my car. I grabbed my car keys (which are loose and not on my house key ring because the plastic loop on the car key busted a couple of years ago) and went out to my car to get my drink. Unfortunately I didn't grab the keys to my apartment at the same time and the door automatically locks and shuts itself. Genius.

At that point I remembered I keep a spare apartment key in my desk at work... in my office... my locked office. Guess where the key to my office is? Right, on the key ring I locked in my apartment. Fortunately I work inside the Crowne Royal... er Plaza and the maintenance people let me in since they have the master. Phew! I got my spare and dinner was still hot! Otherwise I might have had to sleep in my car and wait until morning... seeing as how my wallet was also locked up inside my apartment. I guess the silver lining is I don't have to worry about anyone breaking into my apartment because it's nearly impossible.