I went to Billings Clinic for my first visit with my new doctor. He was very professional and very thorough... perhaps too thorough :-) He said "at some point we'll need to do a prostate exam". I DIDN'T KNOW HE MEANT TODAY! It's been so long since I had one I couldn't remember if it was similar to a hernia check or not. For the record... I was sadly mistaken.

When he had me face the other way, I knew what was up. That's when I turned back to look at the size of his hands. Fortunately he wasn't some ex-offensive lineman turned doctor. I'm guessing that once I screamed "not that fast" in the voice of a 7 year old girl that everyone outside the exam room knew what was happening. I hear that once a man turns 50 he needs to have a prostate exam done once a year. Here's hoping Dr. Jellyfinger gets muscular atrophy between now and then!