I remember when I was a kid my mom always used to say if company comes over not to point out a hole in the rug. Most people will not notice she said. She would say the same thing when it came to the zits I had as a teenager. Fortunately I didn't get many but she'd say if you don't point it out then no one else will notice.

WRONG! When I put on my shirt this morning I had my mom's voice in my head. A few weeks ago I got some mustard on my white shirt on the middle in between 2 of the buttons. I've washed it a few times and got most of it out but there is still a slight stain (as you can see in the close up photo above). So I put the shirt on this morning and looked in the mirror from about 4 feet away and couldn't see it so I figured if I couldn't see it (and I'm more likely to notice since I know it's there according to my mother's logic), then no one else would notice... until a co-worker pointed her finger and said "what's that big stain on your shirt?" Damn it! So remember, if you have a zit, stain or other blemish and people don't notice it then they're just being polite.