So I stopped by the Flea Market they have on Hardin Road in Lockwood every weekend to see if I could find either cool mid-century modern furniture or an old cruiser bike I could fix up. I did find an old Raleigh cruiser but unfortunately it was not for sale. There was little in the way of furniture but they did have thousands of parts for classic cars.

Speaking of cars, the neatest item I found was an old auto parts display that is a double-sided porcelain sign from at least a half century ago. It was a Dietz Automotive Lighting Equipment display for auto parts stores. Dietz was in business from the 1920's until the 1960's. It was in pretty rough shape as you can see from the image above (a victim of the elements) but still cool nonetheless.

So far in my picking "career" the only cool thing I found was a 1950's Radio Flyer scooter. Unfortunately they aren't very rare and I paid twice as much for it as I ended up selling it for. Picking is hard and I think since American Pickers went on the air a few years ago most people have come to think their junk is worth more than it really is. Thanks Frank and Mike.