I've spent many hours and days pondering this question... over a tall frosty cold brewski! Philosophers have stated... ummm... well... I got nothin'. Hold on, after a few more sips it may come to me.... Ahhhh. I think I have it now... Here are the top 3 reasons we enjoy the volume of the nectar of the gods that we do:

1. Montana is a huge grain growing state and may I say our local farmers turn out some of the highest quality wheat, barley & hops making for some of the tastiest brews in the U, S of A... and I've had a few.

2. Unless you ski there isn't a whole lot to do during the winter months around here but drink and gamble.

3. According to 247WallSt.com Montana is the 10th happiest state in the Union. How do you think we got that way? Beer of course. As the noted philosopher Homer Simpson once said “Here’s to alcohol, the cause of –and solution to–all life’s problems.”

So this Bud's for you Montana... you're only behind Nevada (hard to catch up to the party state), New Hampshire and North Dakota (where they have even less to do in the winter than we do... and it's colder)... keep up the good work!