You know when you get a magazine or look at photos most anywhere today, that the photos aren't real, right?  Did you know how much goes into making Faith Hill look like Faith Hill?  Or how a good computer photo retouch specialist can shave a decade off your age in just a few moments of time.

This video from the website will show you all the tricks used for People magazine among others that make our "stars" look like stars.  Advance warning is needed.  The Faith Hill changes in this video are dramatic.

Inside Story on A Faith Hill Video

Here's a quick inside story on Faith.  Some years ago at the CMA Awards in New York, I had arranged to shoot a video skit with Faith for a station promotion.  The skit involved Faith opening a closet door where our camera man was waiting to grab her surprise.  As we shot the video, our camera guy was  told he could not get a close up shot even though it was only going to be seen once in a venue similar to Alberta Bair.

The video lays out how tightly the stars worry about their public images and photos.  Bottom line, you won't look like this.  Unless of course you have a pro photographer and Photoshop at hand.