The older I get, the more things don't feel right to me. I was told when I was younger that when I hit 30 that things would change. Well, I hit 30 a while ago and that statement could not have been more right.

Weight gain, health issues and tiredness are just a few of the things that have plagued me since hitting the big 3-0.

With five little kids running around my house, I have decided that I don't have time for it anymore. There are too many things I want to do with my kids and family. There are lakes, rivers and trails that I want to take on in Montana before I really can't do it anymore.

Besides, I am too young to feel this damn old!

The days of waking up tired and not being able to keep my breathe have to come to an end.

Today, I make a commitment to myself and my life to live it as good as I can before it's too late for me to do so.

Have you taken your life back? In what ways have you done so?