According to our sister website "" there are rumors that Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry is dating Toronto Blue Jays catcher JP Arencibia. Arencibia played college ball at the University of Tennessee and calls Nashville home in the off-season. Through their tweets it seems like the only thing they're not doing to tell the world they're an item is having their respective agents hold press conferences.

It's no surprise the Cuban-American athlete has caught the affections of The Band Perry's lead singer. Women love latin guys. I remember watching a latin jazz band at a radio station event several years ago when a co-worker heard the lead singer speak in Spanish to which she said "He could say 'The umbrella is blue' and I'd make sweet love to him right now". If you're white like me DO NOT TRY THIS! It only works for men who speak the language of love. Can you imagine some dorky white guy in English saying "Hey hot stuff... the umbrella is blue"? It won't be long before she calls security.