When I was a kid I bought everything for my mom you should never buy. Here are the top three (or bottom three depending on your perspective)in descending order:

#3. A measuring cup. I have no idea what I was thinking. I was at a department store so I don't even have the "I bought something for you at the last minute as this was all I could find at the convenience store" excuse.

#2. Electric Flowers. These were fake silk roses with a bunch of optic fibers shooting out of the chrome plastic base. Again, I was actually at a department store and thinking back they should have hung a sign that let me know I was in the cheesy gift section.

#1. A World's Greatest Mom ashtray. At the time I thought it was pretty cool but in retrospect whomever manufactured that had quite the sense of humor!

My hope is that someone who can't figure out what to buy their mother this Sunday thinks twice about going to Souvenir Mart or a joke shop because there is nothing worse than that look of disappointment on your mothers face.