Another busy time this past weekend!  Even though the weather wasn’t ideal for outdoor activities on  Saturday, we still pulled off the March of Dimes, March for Babies at Pioneer Park. I announced on stage, that this year there were 174 teams.

Deb Donovan from the March of Dimes said that next year is the 75th year for the March of Dimes so she expects 175 teams at least!

Then off to Gainan’s in the Heights for The Garden Party!  It sure was nice indoors!There are two big events coming up this week.  Rodney Carrington at the Shrine on Thursday, May 3 and the PBR May 4 – 6!  We had a scavenger hunt at Gainan’s to find a pair of tickets to each event and lots of listeners showed up but only two could win!

Andrew is going to the PBR!


And Mark won the Rodney Carrington tickets!

Off to Sam’s Club with Keri next for some much needed shopping.  We walked in and showed our Sam’s Club card and received a free cookbook.

The weekend ended with a chili dinner, prepared by me!  Question is, of the 5 items you see, which one is my secret ingredient?