This weekend, Paul finally paid his first visit to the new "Steak'n Shake" restaurant in Billings.  It's gonna be a while before he goes back.

Paul and his son stopped in at Saturday morning at 11 am.  The restaurant wasn't busy.  It also wasn't clean.  Which is surprising because it had only been open for half and hour.  After they walked in the door, Paul and his son, waited to be served...and they waited...and they waited.

Eventually, after not being acknowledged for nearly 20 minutes, they walked up to the take out counter.  And then they waited....and waited...and waited some more.  A few of the employees apologized, including one guy who said that his job was to "watch the other employees" and two gals who were spending more time checking their phone messages than helping customers.

Finally, after spending over half an hour in the restaurant, Paul and his son got their meals.  Of course, they forgot to make the shakes.  When Paul went back and asked for the shakes, he heard one of the workers yell "I'm not making shakes, I work the drive through."

Hope the service is better next time you're at the Steak'n Shake.  

Editor's note: Paul and the owner of the Billings Steak'n Shake franchise have since discussed Paul's experience and Paul, who has always loved the food at Steak'n Shake has decided to give them another try.