From time to time, and by that we mean every day, Mark and Paul will disagree on certain things.  But after 25 years, they've learned how to appreciate each other, or at least put up with each other.

Today, Mark made a candid admission.  He actually says nice things about Paul when he's not around.  For example, when there's something Mark doesn't want to do, he will say "Paul's better at that".  He'll even tell people to call Paul when he thinks his partner's knowledge and skill will be more effective for solving some problems.

Paul then begrudgingly admitted that, in a weird and twisted way, he actually admires Mark's lifestyle.  Paul wonders what it would be like to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, to avoid work at all costs, and spend life golfing and sleeping.  Paul is secretly proud of Mark when he eats steak five times a week or chews through twelve ears of corn in one sitting.

This rare moment of mutual admiration was so poignant, Mark almost teared up.  He even encouraged Paul to "get over here and hug me."