If you've seen Mark Wilson lately, he's not getting any younger.  And for old guys like us, it's flattering when you go to a store and the clerk asks for your ID.  However, when she refuses to sell you something because she thinks your ID is fake, that can be a little frustrating.

What makes this story even more unlikely is that Mark wasn't trying to buy alcohol.  All he needed was a box of Claritin allergy pills.  Of course, in this day and age, they keep the good stuff behind pharmacy.

First, the clerk asked for Mark's ID.  Then she commented that the dates were hard to read, which makes sense because Mark's ID is probably old enough to buy allergy pills.  Finally, after giving him and his ID a long, hard look, she refused to sell to him.  For a minute, Mark considered reverting back to his old high school days and trying to bribe a grown up to go into the store and buy his pills.

However, instead of being mad at the clerk, Mark's blaming this one on the tweakers who made allergy pills so inconvenient to buy.  Even when you weigh as much as 2 tweakers, you have all your teeth and no tattoos, they're still convinced you're got a meth lab cooking in your basement.