They say the memory is the first thing to go.  This morning, the Flakes did their weekly Scavenger Hunt for Tim McGraw tickets.  And in spite of Mark Wilson's best intentions, it ended up in chaos.

Instead of hiding one envelope somewhere in the Billings area, Mark decided to stash two pairs of ticket this week; one for the Tim McGraw show and one for Homesteader Days this weekend with Diamond Rio. Then he read two sets of clues.

Unfortunately, he hid the Tim McGraw tickets where he was supposed to hide the Homesteader Days tickets.  Which didn't sit too well with the poor lady who spend all morning searching for Tim McGraw tickets near McKenzie River Pizza in the Heights.  Only to discover that the tickets she was really looking for where out near Huntley.

Whoops.  Of course, that lady's misfortune is another Cat Country listener's treasure and both sets of tickets were eventually found.  Next week, Mark promises to hide only one pair of tickets, that way he doesn't get confused.